Hosting - Server Co-location

Co-locating with BIC means your equipment is secure within our data centre, monitoring and protected around the clock with guaranteed power, connectivity and environmental protection.

We can cater for equipment from 1u servers all the way to multiple cabinets of equipment. Make your equipment happy – co-locate with BIC today!

1U 19" Rack Space 600 x 970 x 45 1 x IP HK$1,200
2U 19" Rack Space 600 x 970 x 90 1 x IP HK$1,500
5U 19" Rack Space 600 x 970 x 225 2 x IP HK$3,000
1/4 Rack (10U) 600 x 970 x 495 8 x IP HK$4,000
1/2 Rack (20U) 600 x 970 x 900 16 x IP HK$6,500
Full Rack (42U) 600 x 970 x 1800 32 x IP HK$9,000

Multiple redundant fibre connections and multiple IP carriers mean your equipment is always online.
24 Hour Monitoring
BIC operate an on-site 24/7 Network Operations Centre who monitoring your equipment around the clock.
Guaranteed Power
All equipment is backed by UPS and diesel generators with enough fuel to run for days, providing your equipment with totally reliable and completely clean power.

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